Monday, 18 July 2011

LimeWires Customs: DOTM Undermine aka Igor

DOTM Undermine aka Igor

Undermine AKA Igor was seen in the film Transformers Dark Of The Moon and was kind of like Megatron's Pet. He didn't play an important role in the film but he was the ugliest character in the film. He was first seen in the film at Megatrons Camp in Africa during the Meeting of the Decepticons.  

"A Kitbash and a mashup created from stuff laying around here. but some the parts make sense:

Leader Starscream (Wires from his electronic Core)
Voyager The Fallen (Torso, made out of his lower Arm)
Voyager Payload (Head)
Voyager Incinerator (The "Bumbper"-Thingy next to his head, to simualte a shaft drive)
Deluxe Protoform Optimus Prime (The Wheelthing)
Scout Scalpel, Balljoint and Cane)
Legends Ravage, Legs, Arms and Backbone)

His Head is mountable on Payload/Long Haul and Megatron! :-D"

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