Wednesday, 14 March 2012

MrPlasticRobot's: Transformers Megatron

JMACKO516: Killer Bee Custom "Bumblebee"

A killer custom Transformer based on MrPlasticRobots Killer "Bumblebee" Bee, JMACKO516 has created the similar character in a Classics form, painted from a Transformers Classics Bumblebee with a black deco, JMACKO516 has done an amazing job for this new look for Bumblebee. 

Included is the original mold and trailer, that transforms into his jetpack, from the original Classics toy, with bits of blue, red, and gold for detail. A menacing, darker look for this killer custom really works out well at the end, something I never thought of when it comes to the devoted character.