Thursday, 20 October 2011

Andy Hibbs Custom: Transformers Leader Class Double Dealer

Double Dealer is a double cross backstabber that was hunted down and out of Cybertron and here on earth. It's here he disguises himself as a mighty Rocket Launcher rusted and warned down. Now Double Dealer stays remaining in disguise mode to spy in Autobot and N.E.S.T home bases and has been trusted again by the Decepticons plotting a great attack and learning more about their enemies the Autobots. 

Equipped with Heavy weathering and rust paint scheme
Custom made detachable Missile
Custom windscreen
Custom made decals
Custom made trailer mount/fixing which detaches for transformation
Custom head on ball joint which replaced sentinel's head
Custom Fakebusker83 articulated spiked knuckle hands featuring wrist, finger and thumb articulation
Custom eye sculpt (SKAR)
Custom gun adapted from an army figure with added bullet chain
And Modified sentinel sword featuring teeth

Click here if you'd like to bid and learn more about this figure 

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