Wednesday, 5 October 2011

BCG Customs: Transformers Custom Masterpiece Leader Class G1 Colors Thundercracker

One of the most common, ultimate Seeker drone, Thundercracker is known for being the seeker in blue. In the movie series, Thundercracker is dark, insane, and evil, and loves his taste of fear in his victims hearts. He can be heard from an incredible amount of distance and still, his prey can not run. 

Thundercracker is considered completely like Starscream in many different ways, which is why Starscream makes him a perfect choice for 2nd in Command, even with his limited knowledge of leadership 

BCGCustoms said he based this on the old classic Generation 1 version but wanted to reflect his insanity, so he made it in the form of an F-22 Raptor Jet Mode instead of the old F-18 used in the 1984 TV Show and Comics. He painted it in the old classic blue with patterens like the old version with the red and white stripes, unfortnantly, no Deluxe, Voyager, or Leader has the available Null Rays, so he built them in scratch. During the painting prossess, BCG wanted to create battle damage and fresh wonds, so he cleaverly watch the Transformers movies agian and again to create molten metal drawn down his face like the Forrest Battle scenes. The hands come from fakebuster83's custom hands made for Starscream in the Transformers Hunt For The Decepticons Leader Class line 

This custom can be yours thanks to eBay, click here to learn more about this Transformer, good luck and happy bidding. 

Note: do you recognize this custom? it was actually in a W.I.P. Work In Progress, and was presented in one of our first article on this blog 

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