Sunday, 31 July 2011

Custom Of The Week Number 1

I have seen many customs this wekk and it is time for me to choose one of the customs I personally like to most, Just because yours may or may not be chosen doesnt mean that yours is any worse, youve all done an amazing job on your customs

3rd Place FrenzyRumble's Custom Ultimate Optimus Prime
2nd Place JinCustom's Driller AKA Shockwave's Pet 
And last but not least
1st Place Dub Customz Ultra Magnus

Transformers Customs: Transformers Customs 1 (Special 100th Subscriber video)

XavierCal's Customs: Transformers Generation 1 Motormaster

Xavier Cal has recreated Motormaster to fit the new Classics toyline of today. Using the body of Cybertron Optimus Prime in a different way then usual customs, this Motormaster is more unique in its design. Motormaster contains the classic leg porportions with the front of the truck as well as the Optimus Prime style chest and boxed head. Overall this is a new step to the evalution and design for artists and customizers alike, well done. 

Speedleescustoms : Transformers DOTM Leader Class Starscream

 Starscream is a superior ranking Decepticon as he is 2nd in command of Megatrons army. He has planned to kill Megatron many time but his plot will eventually plumit. Starscream is feared and dangerous but when he is outnumbered, outranked, or nearly defeated he quickly escapes the battle. He imagines that one day the title of leadership and the empior of the Decepticon army will fall into his own hands.

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Video: Speedleescustoms : Transformers DOTM Starscream.wmv 

Friday, 29 July 2011

Xavier Cal: Transformers Custom Videos

Soon we will be advertising XavierCal's AKA Deceptbot on youtube, before we do you mey want a small preview of what he does.

GetRightRobot: Transformers custom Masterpiece Punch / Counterpunch

GetRightRobot has created an ingenues idea of recreated the Toys R Us Exclusive Masterpiece Rodimus, make 2 Robots Modes, and Transform it into Punch and or Counterpunch. Punch/Counterpunch is a spy working for the Autobots that can transform and disguise himself into a Decepticon, this may remind you of Transformers Animated Shockwave when he work for the decepticons and even had a 4th mode. Punch/Counterpunch has 3 modes including is car mode which, with the exception of a new custom paint, is the same car as Rodimus. Overall an outstanding figure coming July 31st 2011 on eBay, we will update you when updates come.

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Darkcave Customs: Transformers Animated Bayverse : Sideswipe

Darkcave Customs has recreated the way and the look of Transformers Revenge of the Fallen and Dark of the Moon Sideswipe, he has recreated the character into Animated form. The toy is a custom Sideswipe with custom head and classic signiture Swards on the sides of his arm. With this new style and look Sideswipe has never been faster then he is now.

Ryan Uybengkee: Custom (TFA) Bruticus Maximus

 Custom (TFA) Bruticus Maximus

Ryan Uybengkee is a famous customizer who does the impossible, this time recreating the Bruticus for the Transformers Animated series. Standing at a hard to beat 33 inches tall, 12 LED lights, and contains more articulation than Unicron himself. You can check it out in the video below if you wish to.

Video:  Custom (TFA) Bruticus Maximus 

Michaelhstudios: Custom Transformers DOTM Sentinel Prime

Sentinal Prime, once he was a powerful and wise leader of the Autobots till he gave the title of leader to his student Optimus Prime. After giving away his title Sentinal Prime became caption of the flag ship known as the Ark. The Ark was carrying a secret cargo that could have ended the war and the days of cybertron would continue further

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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Random Youtube Videos Week 1 (7.27.11)

Every week we show about 7 ransom videos chosen on Youtube with Transformers Custom figures, the 7 randomly chosen will be in the list below. Enjoy and have fun 

Kingoctox Customs: Custom G1 Masterpiece Blitzwing

Custom G1 Masterpiece Blitzwing 

 Kingoctox has created a very impreasive figure that looks like he'd spent a lot of time on, A Custom Transformers Generation 1 Masterpiece Blitzwing figure. Still containing the Triple Changer Transformation Gimmick, Blitzwing is mostly made of a Masterpeice Seeker mold redesigned, customized, and painted to fit the characters design of the 2 alt mode, tank, jet, and robot.  


Renz Custom: Autobot Stepper

Earlier today I was on V.T.C. Vegas Transformers Club on Facebook when Renz posted some photos of his custom Autobot Stepper. you can check out the photos below