Monday, 18 July 2011

Dub Customz: Custom Transformers Movie Masterpiece Optimus Prime

Custom Transformers Movie Masterpiece Optimus Prime.

Love to own your very own Transformer that looks is if it came right out of the movie? Well your in luck! Our newest member, Dub Customz, has created a fairly accurate Optimus Prime figure he calls Masterpiece.

Here are some of the fine details that give him his honurary name Masterpiece 
Alt Mode
- Movie-accurate hand-painted flames
- Movie-accurate pin-stripes applied around the flames to make them even more stunning to look at!
- Metallic red paint with candy apple red lacquer to give it a shimmering shine just like the real truck used in the movies!
- Metallic blue, coated and sealed in lacquer to give it that amazing shine.
- Movie-accurate chrome details, painted with a special chrome paint and some of my "secret sauce" to protect it.
- Movie-accurate air hoses and snow chains on the headache rack.
- Movie-accurate side mirrors.
- Center caps for the rims.
- Narrower front wheels, to look more screen accurate.
Robot Mode
- Added "battle-wear" to give the piece a super-realistic, battle-hardened look
- Copper accents
- Painted wires
- Painted hydrolic pistons- Cybertronian glyphs

All this and plenty more compact into this Custom Optimus Prime figure. Click here to bid on this figure and hurry and get him before it's too late, also click here to see his other projects 

Designer/Artist: Dub Customz

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