Tuesday, 26 July 2011

FrenzyRumble: Custom Transformer : Ultimate Optimus Prime

FrenzyRumble, creator of the famous Custom Devestator, has re-created Optimus Prime forever with the new Ultimate Optimus Prime. He has combined the Ultimate Optimus Prime toy with the Revenge Of The Fallen Leader Class Optimus Prime to make this increadible character come to life.

"Dark of the Moon was an incredible movie!!! And who doesn't love Optimus Prime, well; here he is...in all his glory, ready to take down an army of Decepticons, Prime is armored and armed to the teeth. This is my interpretation of the "Ultimate" Optimus Prime, although he doesn't have an alt mode, this custom has countless articulation and tons of other cool features. I went on a rampage adding tons of details, fixed some artiuclation, LEDs, and lots more. All paints used in the process were lacquer and enamel, so the finish is very durable, clear coated with a VERY tough glossy clear coat...the colors are protected by UV light and will stay vibrant and true for many many years (keep in mind, this is a collectible, so don't throw it around!)  I finished him off with several finishes of Testor's clear coats, matte, semi-gloss, and gloss variations to keep the colors vibrant and true for years and years ...always through an air brush to ensure thin, even perfect coats. I ensure the highest and most durable paint applications on all my customs. I exceed necessary preparation to these customs - Special plastic adhering primers, automotive grade lacquers and the best paints around to detail with.  As always, I am accepting VERY LIMITED custom commissions and/or requests. Check out my website or contact me through ebay for details."

Nothing on this toy is disapointing, its an increadible model that looks great on the shelves, click here to bid on eBay 

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