Saturday, 5 November 2011

Xavier Cal's Custom: Transformers Prime Unicron

The Chaos Bringer is ready to rise in the all new show present from the hub, Transformers Prime. His first appearance was in the 1986 when he was presented as the main villain with a hunger for plants with life. He's been spotted in the timeline of Transformers Comics and TV Shows after the 1986 movie The Transformers The Movie and was recently in Transformers Prime's 3 part season finally as the core of earth 

Unicron was the overlord of destruction and war against his brother, Primus, who stood for peace. Primus's only chance on defeating his brother was to create the Primes, the original 13, to defend the rights of Primus to defeat Unicron. The Primes succeeded and casted Unicron out into space, never to hear from him again. Now Unicron has become the core of the Earth with his blood running through the planet, he plans to finally awaken to finish Primus which would end in the death of humanity and their home. But, there is still hope 

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