Thursday, 1 September 2011

Andy Hibbs: Custom Transformers Leader Class Megatron now on eBay

Megatron is the most known for his cold, dark heart and for his destruction and power that no Decepticon would ever question in the eyes of their fateful leader Megatron. Some may say he is crazy, some think that he's crazy but will not say a word, while most of his Decepticons think otherwise as the greatest Leader the Decepticons could have.

Now, he is back to get his revenge after the fight that cost him his terrable injories, now he's after the Autobots and Optimus Prime knowing that this is the final fight for Earth and even Cybertron

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The figure features the following
Custom designed body made using transformer and other toy parts as well as cut styrene pieces and other scratch built parts
! light up eyes/head as well as gun and voice sounds (I AM MEGATRON). these are activated by two small camouflaged switches located around the figures chest.
Articulation including arms, legs ,feet, waist, hand and head (on ball joint)
Custom made articulated hand designed by FAKEBUSKER !!! this hand is amazing and features fully articulated fingers and wrist (on ball joint). This hand is also designed to hold mechtech weapons and is strong to clasp other weapons you may have
Movie accurate paint job with enamels ! I have used the finest enamel paint to achieve a close colour match to the film using a multilayer technique. Rust and weathering was then added using enamels.
Movie accurate battle damage to the head
custom made battery cover fixing
Custom made tarp which has been stained, scorched and frayed to provide a realistic effect
Custom made shot gun made from tubes and styrene
Real metal chains added
This custom has been built to last! all the joints and fixings have been tested for durability and the enamel paint is very durable and non fading.
The figure still needs to be handled with some care and so I would suggest it be kept as a display piece rather than a toy 


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