Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Jin Saotome's Dangerous Toy Custom's: Commando Armorhide

Jin Saotome's Dangerous Toy Custom's: Commando Armorhide 

Unfortanantly, I don't know much about this deadly machine, luckily Jin has a description on Facebook 

"If it's one thing I love in Transformers it's Tankbots! Warpath, Bludgeon, Brawl, etc. Here's Armorhide of the Decepticon Commandos that form Ruination (or Desert Attack Bruticus if you're so inclined) done as a standalone character. He was made from the body Classics Deluxe Megatron that came in the 2-pack, arms from the Prime in the same pack, PCC Steelshot's head, a Megabloks Iron Man Drone gun, and Universe Jetfire's gun. Prime's arms snap right on to Megatron's biceps with only a little bit of plastic shaving needed. One desert tan and light brick red paint job later, Armorhide was ready to blast away the Autobots!"   


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