Wednesday, 20 July 2011

JinCustom's: Custom LASERBEAK Transformers DOTM Movie dark of moon!

Lazerbeak is one of Soundwaves most deadly minions. His main use on Earth is to transformers into mini electronics and more to desguise himself eventually getting him into homes to communicate with the humans. Although he is a bird looking character, he is no where near a chicken. 

"This auction is for an 5" tall, with 9" wingspan customized Deluxe class Laserbeak with hidden cannon and accessories. Laserbeak has even more articulation than a normal DotM movie figure and can be posed in all sorts of tossing-people-off-high-places positions. He transforms from bird to...wait, THERE IS NO ALT MODE. You're not missing the hoverdronething mode, trust me on this. Instead he's super articulated and looks like he did in the movie."

If you so choose to buy this toy, click the link here 

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