Thursday, 14 July 2011

Advertise your Custom model with us

Here at Transformers: Fan Page, we think that the fans of Transformers arethe greatest, we strongly here support anything and everything Transformers and/or Action figures. So, was created to support you Custom Transformers toys you have created, How you ask?

Advertising: If you are a true custom? Is customizing and/or art your true hobby and natural talent? You probably have either a eBay Page and/or Website promoting your projects. We can advertise your website on the side bar. All we need is either a banner or photo of a custom of your choice and when people see the ad they can click on it and go to your home page.

Just Email us at showing a photo of your custom or banner with a link to your site, we will even customize the banner if you wish.

Promoting Projects: We can also promote and display your project here on our wall. Just send us an Email at with photos of your custom in different modes (Optimal) with a link to where you may be selling this(Ex. (Optional)

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