Friday, 29 July 2011

GetRightRobot: Transformers custom Masterpiece Punch / Counterpunch

GetRightRobot has created an ingenues idea of recreated the Toys R Us Exclusive Masterpiece Rodimus, make 2 Robots Modes, and Transform it into Punch and or Counterpunch. Punch/Counterpunch is a spy working for the Autobots that can transform and disguise himself into a Decepticon, this may remind you of Transformers Animated Shockwave when he work for the decepticons and even had a 4th mode. Punch/Counterpunch has 3 modes including is car mode which, with the exception of a new custom paint, is the same car as Rodimus. Overall an outstanding figure coming July 31st 2011 on eBay, we will update you when updates come.

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