Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Chibbywave: Transformers Custom DOTM Crowbar by Chibbywave

Crowbar is one of 3 characters known as 'The Dreads' in Transformers Dark Of The Moon. The only officially released MechTech series Dread was Crankcase. Now, Chibbywave has done it again with the new Crowbar figure. 

"This is a custom Dark of the Moon Crowbar. You will remember this transformer from the Freeway scene in the 3rd film. It is a modified Crankcase with a altered head. Long posable dreadlocks, and custom paint detailing. It is fully transformable, but doesn't roll well. The figure includes instructions and its weapon. It was painted and stored in a smoke and animal free home. The figure was painted with Tamiya paint."

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  1. Neat work man But uh......... You should think about changing the weapon for Crowbar. In the movie he had the same riffle as Barricade if you had noticed.