Saturday, 1 October 2011

Encline Designs And Solrac333's Charity Auction Pink Bumblebee And Pink Optimus Prime For The Save The Ta-Tas Foundation

Encline Designs, along with Solrac333 and the Save The Ta-Tas Foundation has put Pink Bumblebee and Pink Optimus Prime on eBay to raise money for the Foundation. Optimus Prime and Bumblebee are now on a mission to save and protect the Ta-Tas from being harmed, you can help by bidding in the auction set up by Artist Encline Designs. Encline has told me he will display them at the Upcoming show at Cherry Bomb's Victoria's Annual Toy Fair in Victoria B.C. 

Please click this link to bid and to raise money for the Ta-Tas, yes I'm serious, the ad says Ta-Tas, no joke. At my best guess it's to help find a solution to Breast Cancer and to stop it from doing harm. But still Encline Designs is taking the seriously and needs your help now and hurry. 

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