Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Custranz Custom Transformers: Decepticon Stronghold

 The first article after the return of Transformers Custom World Blog, Custranz Custom Decepticon Stronghold.

"Stronghold was born from too many destroyed Autoscouts. With increased intelligenceand a wider range of scanners, it is now more effective in its relentless search for energy. Stronghold is equipped with an an energy vacuum within its powerful pincer claw that drains energy and compacts it and converts it to Energon 

Stronghold's sole purpose is to retreive what energy it can and destroy anything that stands in its way. Stronghold's fortified armour cam withstand a direct hit from most munitions, and ensures its survival from the destruction it causes." 

To bid for it on eBay, click right here to see more 

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