Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Kingbotz Customs: 5 Foot Tall Generation 1 Megatron

Decepticon leader Megatron has never been more feared then he is now. Kingbotz customs has finally created a 5 Foot, no word of a lie, 5 Foot Tall Model Megatron. If you watched the origianal show, the movies, or most of any other Transformers series you'd know that Megatron is the coldest hearted Decepticon known on Cybertron. Kingbots has built this with great time and effort to restore the name of the great Megatron.

Video: Kingbotz 5-foot G1 Megatron 
Description: It's a long video, but it shows the whole process from start to finish, so I'll let it speak for itself...thanks for watching! KINGBOTZ.COMTime: est 5:00 

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